BN 79, La Terre sans les hommes

"Aftermath, Population Zero"

Quand National Geographic imagine la terre sans les hommes, ça donne une vidéo saisissante ... A compléter par exemple par la lecture de la chronique de Jean-Luc Nothias pour le

What would happen if every single person on Earth simply disappeared? Gone. Not dead, just gone. This is the astounding story of a world we will never see. A world without people, where city streets are still populated by cars, but without drivers. Nobody to fix bridges, repair buildings or maintain power plants. After being controlled by humanity for millennia, nature reclaims the earth. But how would that work? How long would skyscrapers, nuclear power plants, and our homes last if abandoned? How would wild and domestic animals fare without us? Will the Eiffel Tower outlast the Statue of Liberty? Aftermath: Population Zero gives us a chance to see the impact of human beings by seeing how Earth would adapt without us.

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